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We do not celebrate a holiday anymore, we travel. Holidays are not for basking in the sun, we want more out of our free time! We want it personalized, healthier, greener, freer and more often. Travel is more and more becoming a way of life. And vice versa our daily lifestyle gets integrated in our journeys.
The sharing economy vinfluences travel by emphasizing the new luxury of using instead of owning, whether it is the travel destination, the way to get there or the activitities you do. Tessa aan de Stegge presents all these traveltrends and more from ‘all exclusive’ to ‘Solo+’.


Tessa aan de Stegge is travel trendwatcher and founder of Cherry LAB. Cherry LAB researches, connects and inspires lifestyle & travel companies. Aan de Stegge travels the world looking for inspiration which she translates inot tailormade presentations, concepts and campaigns for her clients. Cherry picking is what she does best!

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