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Tessa aan de Stegge

An Indecisive Future
Cecile Cremer

Better, Best, Basic
Body Transformations
Tessa Petrusa

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Needle in the Record
Trend Deejee
Bertil van Woezik

What do you change?
Chantal Verwey

Exploring boundaries by piercing barriers
Jalila Essaïdi

Future in Space
Jacqueline Bosker

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In a world with increased interest for biotechnology and life sciences, Jalila Essaïdi is working at the intersection of biotechnology and the creative industry. Inspired by the relativity and dual ………..


We do not celebrate a holiday anymore, we travel. Holidays are not for basking in the sun, we want more out of our free time! We want it personalized, healthier, greener, freer and more often. Travel is more and more becoming a way of life……….


There are 6 trends that anyone already does or shortly will experience in the next few years. What are these trends, how do they surface and most importantly: how do you adapt to these general changes?……..


We might still think the future is something that just happens to us, and therefore we are only aware of the present. We should lose that attitude of unawareness and start realizing the future is in our hands. Trend watching is a great tool to do so. ……..


The movies ‘The Marsian’ and ‘Star Wars’ – the Force Awakens inspired Jacqueline Bosker to investigate what society will look like in the year 2070. For this she used a wide variety of sources, …….


We are heading for the end of our standardized world. Patterns that have determined the way we live, work and learn are falling apart. Experiment is taking over planning. Best practice is no longer best practice. Content is no longer king. What happens when the logic has gone? ………


In her lecture ‘Better, Best…Basic: Body Transformations’ the most exciting and (im)possible innovations for the human body, when it comes to technology, surgery, farmaceutical options and death, will be reviewed. ……..


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