Bertil van Woezik| Trends Galore

‘There’s a crack in everything. That’s how light gets in’
– Leonard Cohen

We are heading for the end of our standardized world. Patterns that have determined the way we live, work and learn are falling apart. Experiment is taking over planning. Best practice is no longer best practice. Content is no longer king.

What happens when the logic has gone? When conventions lose their meaning? Deep inside the race?

On this occasion, Bertil van Woezik will put the needle in the record at this unique moment in time. Or maybe in time itself.


‘It ain’t what you do it’s the way that you do it’
– Fun Boy Three

Bertil van Woezik is looking at things from a variety of backgrounds: a degree in Business Engineering and Management Science, a career in International Management, a deep experience in Eastern mentality and a graduation at Trendacademy Rozenbrood.

Van Woezik operates as TrendDJ. Started the Needle in the Record trendlabel. Deconstructing and re-wiring our educational system inside out. Implementing a sustainable human infrastructure.

A challenger and a friend. Using super strategic intuition, yet doin’ it for the fun of it. Loves to take care of the unknown.

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