‘to the stars and beyond’
Jacqueline Bosker| Trends Galore

The movies ‘The Marsian’ and ‘Star Wars – the Force Awakens’ inspired Jacqueline Bosker to investigate what society will look like in the year 2070. For this she used a wide variety of sources, ranging from desk research, historical research, interviews with people working in the space industry, technological developments, work of artists at the ArtRotterdam 2016 event up to analyzing science fiction movies and discussing the future with her 13-year old son. ‘Future in space – to the stars and beyond’ paints a fascinating picture of what life will be like in 2070 in our universe. Yes, not world, but universe.


Jacqueline Bosker is a producer, change maker and storyteller. She graduated from Rozenbrood Trendacademy in 2016. Bosker strongly believes that a new era is coming, driven by an exponential technological revolution, lead by a generation of youngsters born in the 21st century, who were raised with the opportunities of this revolution as a given.

After her studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Business Administration at the University of Amsterdam she worked in several roles as a concept designer, innovator and consultant for companies like We, Mexx and the Dutch Central Bank. Since april 2015 she founded her own agency hella balint producties, which enables her to work more ‘out of the box’ and to use her creativity and onorthodox view in an experimental way.

Hella balint producties maps trends and the underlying shifting of values. She translates this into pictures of the grand design, long term vision and futuristic scenario’s for society and practical concepts for organizations. She visualizes future developments and supports discussions about change and innovation by organizing trend hacks and events.

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