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We might still think the future is something that just happens to us, and therefore we are only aware of the present. We should lose that attitude of unawareness and start realizing the future is in our hands.

Trend watching is a great tool to do so. In her presentation Cecile Cremer passionately pleads for using this tool to make the world a better place. She developed her method WHOP to help you apply this too. Are you ready to whop your future?
This presentation was first presented at TedX Strijp S Eindhoven.


Cécile Cremer is a world wandering trend expert and creative strategist who has a passion for people. A future thinker who aims to help companies change their line of attack to be ahead of the ever-changing needs of nowadays international consumer, and therewith be ahead of the future. She developed her skills at the Academy of Creative Industries where she studied trend research and creative concept development. She is now working within her own company Wandering the Future, combining future & creative focussed projects or cooperations with a platform for future thinking content. Amongst her clients are TrendONE, Gemeente Maastricht, Trend Tablet by Lidewij Edelkoort , Trendobservers and of course ROZENBROOD.

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